Inter-Library Loans

If the Maplewood Library does not own the item you wish to borrow, we can attempt to borrow it from another library.  Items published within the last six months cannot be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan.  If your request is for a new item, you may wish to request that we purchase it.

Inter-Library Loans may be requested at the library service desks, or online through the New Jersey State Library’s JerseyCat Inter-Library Loan System. You may request up to five Inter-Library Loans per week.

Click here to request an Inter-Library Loan through JerseyCat

Note: You may also request photocopies of magazine articles.  The library owning the magazine may charge for making the copies.  By requesting a photocopy through Inter-Library Loan, you are agreeing to pay a copying fee up to $10.00 should there be such a charge. For more information please call Maplewood Library’s Inter-Library Loan department at 973-762-1622 x5022.