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“Cartoons…. are totems, which once unleashed are not merely uncontrollable themselves but can have uncontrollable and in this case deadly consequences for their creators.”

This was written in 2012 by Victor S. Navasky, in his book The art of controversy: political cartoons and their enduring power, owned by this library. He is recounting the assassination of Naji al-Ali, a Palestinian cartoonist, shot in the head and killed on a London street in 1987. The PLO and the Mossad – both lampooned by al-Ali – were suspected in the killing, but the crime was never solved.

Navasky documents the extraordinary power of the political cartoon with examples from respected artists Francisco Goya, William Hogarth, and Al Hirschfeld, to the grotesque, anti-Semitic caricatures featured in Der Stürmer, the Nazi weekly published from 1923 to 1945.

The assassination of 12 contributors to a satirical magazine in Paris on Monday can only be condemned. As shown by Navasky, they were not the first to die for their art, and their insolence.

Ina Rimpau


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Need gift ideas? How about a book by one of our visiting authors?

Many talented authors spoke at the Library this year.  Any one of their books would make a wonderful gift!

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The Best Books of 2014!

The end of  2014 is upon us and, with it, the “Best of” lists begin. Here are links to lists of the year’s best in books. Be sure to check back — we’ll be updating the list of lists regularly!

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