Art & Music for October

Saturday, October 17th  2-3 pm @ Main Library  

Our October exhibit features collages by Sylvia Taylor and mixed media sculpture by Eric Beckerich. For our October reception, Clive Smith will be performing atmospheric, electro-acoustic, instrumental music that goes where songs seldom venture. Clive’s website is

On our walls:

Sylvia Taylor: Collage

An observer and lifetime artist, Sylvia creates one-of-a-kind collages and studio jewelry.

Sylvia’s collages have been described as rich, mysterious and complex; thought provoking, with a hint of intrigue below the surface. Her collages are colorful with texture and depth created in the layering technique she uses. A variety of handmade and appropriated papers are attached with archival glue to an acid free watercolor paper base, with additional touches of color via acrylic paint. Using a consistent, contained format for the collages allows for abundant discovery for the maker and viewer.

About the collages, Sylvia expresses, “My collages are about our experience of the moment; defined by layers of history, not all visible, but nonetheless, still experienced. The hidden layers create a richness that otherwise would not be.”

Sylvia studied at California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA and Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, and has exhibited extensively in the area.

Sylvia resides in an artist live/work space in a renovated 1905 Firehouse in the Valley Arts District, Orange, NJ. Her website is


In our display case:

Eric Beckerich: Mortar and Mixed Media Sculpture

“Much of my work is meant to be held and played with, like some kind of fine art toys. My works have a quantum nature about them that incorporates elements of architecture, painting, drawing and sculpture. They are at once ancient and modern. They can be arranged and rearranged, offering infinite compositional possibilities and experiences. Viewed individually, they resemble rare objects that beg to be explored and appreciated for their intriguing depth and complexity.”

Eric graduated from Memphis State University with a B.F.A. in Painting and Sculpture. He worked for many years as a designer, creating custom displays, exhibits, and interiors. His sketches have been featured by the Williamstown NJ Historical Society and on the cover of many Maplewood Garden Club Yearbooks.

In 2007, Eric began creating small mortar and wood sculptures, which evolved with the addition of glass, metal, stone and small found objects.

His large-scale sculpture, The Essex Column, is on permanent exhibit at the Wildflower Sculpture Park in South Mountain Reservation. Another large piece recently won “First in Sculpture” at the JCC Juried Show in Whippany. His work has been on exhibit throughout Essex County.

One chronicler of the NY art scene has called his work “beautifully simple and  mysterious”, and recently commented, “There is something new under the sun!”