Book Reviews from our Summer Reading Club participants

The CircleThe Circle by Dave Eggers

The Circle tells the story of Mal, the young newest employee of “The Circle”, a cutting-edge search, social media and all-things-Internet company. The Circle is a very prestigious place to work, famous for having the greatest talents and offering the best perks, much like Google in our world.

The similarities don’t end there. Much of this novel is too eerily close to our lives today and the power and influence of “The Circle” and many of the unsavory elements of Mal’s world are very close to what is happening in ours.

It may feel contrived and too obvious an allegory at times. The style will not satisfy everyone, especially those who are not fans of Dave Eggers. However, it is a powerful cautionary tale, for those open to see what it shows of ourselves.

Rashi's DaughterRashi’s Daughter by Maggie Anton

This first novel gives the reader an insight into the Jewish world in 11th century France. The reader is able to meet the oldest of three daughters. Joheved is a courteous and trend-setting daughter who encounters a major crisis and has to make a decision.


SisterlandSisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

The story is about twin sisters born with the gift of precognition. I loved the character development of the two sisters; how two children in the same family can turn out so differently from each other.

I related to the angst between them and the love that lives below it.  I also related to Kate’s overprotectiveness as a mom, and the worry and ‘reading into’ common ocurrances as possible threats.

A very quick read, but nice for the beach or pool.

orphan trainOrphan Train by Christine Baker Kline

A tale of 2 women,. One came to Ellis Island and lost her family. She was sent on an orphan train out west at the age of 10, The other (is) a modern-day teenager in the system The teenager has to do 100 hours of community service and is assigned to Vivian, now 91, to help her clean out her attic.

Based on true events, it tells of a part of our history that I knew nothing about. An eye-opener!

Jesus Among the Other GodsJesus Among Other Gods by Ravi Zacharias

The book compares Jesus with Buddha and Mohammed. Compelling! If you are seeking which god to trust in, and why Jesus is different from the other two, Ravi makes a believable and understandable case to follow Jesus Christ. Why? Because Jesus Christ is alive, whereas the other two are still dead.

Opposite of LonelinessThe Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan

Marina questions those who question the existence of the publishing/literary world, whether it will continue to thrive in an electronic world, and is tragically killed weeks after her graduation from Yale. Almost immediately, her essays becomes an Internet sensation. So much talent and promise is lost. As someone who does not blog, post or tweet, who reads ‘real’ books and visits the library regularly, I wonder if I would have know Marina’s work without social media

More reviews to come….

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