Come With Me: Family Art & Community Workshop


Saturday, September 9

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Main Library * All ages * Drop in * Have your voice be heard and spread your messages of peace and kindness.   Join local author Holly McGhee and illustrator Pascal LeMaitre to celebrate their quietly revolutionary new picturebook, Come With Me.  There will be a massive community sidewalk chalk project, along with other kindness projects.  We’ll be joined by the teens of Village to Village United, and we’ll be making heart cards to send to Refugees International.   Program is outside on the lawn, so please bring a chair or something to sit on

Because as small as it may seem, your part matters to the world – Holly McGhee

Here is a quote from the NYTimes Book Review for Come With Me, which will be published on Sept 5th:  “Together, the words and pictures work seamlessly to deliver a powerful message: What we do matters.  Given that the epigraph of the book is a quote by Yvette Pierpaoli, the humanitarian who died while assisting refugees from Kosovo in 1999 (and who was Lemaître’s mother-in-law), adults will understand that the most pressing context of the book is the need for tolerance toward displaced people around the world.  That children won’t get those larger implications is fine.  All they need to hear is that they have a part to play, as “tiny” as it may be, in making the world a better place.”

Listen to the NY Times Live Drawing interview with the author and illustrator on Facebook:

“How to Talk to Your Kids About Charlottesville”:

With thanks to: [Words] Bookstore, Community Coalition on Race, Village 2 Village United, International Rescue Committee, Kids Book for a Better World,, Refugees International, and Penguin Random House.