Far, Far Away

Do you continue to feel the need for your reading to transport you to another place and time? Here are some new titles that do just that.

At the Existentialist CafeAt the existentialist café : freedom, being, and apricot cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and others  by Sarah Bakewell   142.78 Bak
Bakewell focuses upon key individuals Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Martin Heidegger and on their interactions with each other and with the historical circumstances of the harsh twentieth century. With coverage of friendship, travel, argument, tragedy, drugs, Paris, and, of course, lots of sex, Bakewell’s biographical approach pays off, in part because certain abstractions, like Sartre’s enigmatic notion of freedom, seem to make more sense when one knows something about the man’s mess of anxieties and personal entanglements. Heidegger, with his questionable postwar rehabilitation and inward-turned gloominess, less so. De Beauvoir emerges as very much the hero: humanistic, prescient, and fearless.

About WomenAbout women : conversations between a writer and a painter by Lisa Alther  813.54 Alt
Lisa Alther and Françoise Gilot have been friends for more than twenty-five years. Although from different backgrounds (Gilot from cosmopolitan Paris, Alther from small-town Tennessee) and different generations, they found they have a great deal in common as women who managed to support themselves with careers in the arts, while simultaneously balancing the obligations of work and parenthood. About Women is their extended conversation, in which they talk about everything important to them: their childhoods, the impact of war on their lives and their work, fashion, self-invention, style, feminism, child rearing, the creative impulse and the importance of art.

My Holiday in North KoreaMy holiday in North Korea: the funniest/worst place on Earth by Wendy E. Simmons     951.93 Sim
There is nothing like travel to a truly awful place to put American problems into perspective. Photographer, blogger, and world traveler Simmons has chronicled her ten-day journey through North Korea, where handlers schedule Simmons down to the minute and batter her with lectures on American imperialism and Korean superiority. The deceased revered Great Leaders are still running the country from their mausoleum but have come up short on providing electricity and toilet paper to the citizens. Factories and sports arenas are empty until the group stops by, and then orderly crowds of North Koreans rush in. An experience and a read simultaneously humorous, appalling, and very sad.

Compiled by Ina Rimpau

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