Free Tax Preparation

aarp tax aide

Sponsored by AARP Foundation & IRS. Mondays & Wednesdays, by appointment only February 6 – April 17, 2016 from 10 am – 2 pm at the Hilton Branch, 1688 Springfield Ave.

To make an appointment, call Mickey at 973-372-2077. Please do not call the library. Have all documents before calling.  If a joint return is to be prepared, BOTH taxpayers should be present.

AARP Foundation, in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service, provides FREE tax assistance, especially to low- and moderate-income residents, with special attention to those age 60 and above. Trained volunteers will prepare federal and state income tax returns. Returns will be e-filed using IRS software at no cost to the taxpayer.

Documents to bring:

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Social security cards for yourself and all dependents
  • Copies of your 2015 federal & state tax returns
  • W2 from each employer
  • 1099 forms, Social Security, interest, dividends, pension, sale of assets, Railroad Retirement benefits
  • Unemployment compensation statements
  • Proof of any that apply: Mortgage interest, property tax, medical/dental expenses, receipts for contributions to charity, records of tax refunds, dependent care provider info, receipts, cancelled checks or 1098 forms related to continuing education, lottery winnings form
  • BRING A BLANK CHECK for routing informaqtion if you want to have your refund directly deposited