A Gift for Everyone

Andrew's Tree House

When Maplewoodian Treasure Cohen turned 70 this year, she thought about what she wanted for her birthday. She had a house filled with stuff, so instead of receiving gifts, she decided that this was the year that she wanted to give back. When she asked herself what mattered to her – she remembered back to the daily visits to the library when her kids were young, and later bringing her grandchildren to the same library. She realized that the Maplewood Library had always been a beacon for her family. Treasure decided to give the library a gift that would help other families with young children. This resulted in a special new addition to the Children’s Room – a Treehouse Dollhouse for children to play with and enjoy . The Treehouse Dollhouse is much-loved and well-used by kids of all ages.

Treasure’s original letter tells the story:

In honor of my 70th birthday, I would like to donate something special to the Children’s Room. The Children’s Room has always been such a special place for my family. Many years ago, I spent many days and summers visiting the library frequently with my four children. I watched them each get their own library cards when they were able to write their own names. I enjoyed many wonderful story hours with my little ones cuddled on my lap. I spent many long summers commuting to the library daily so that each of my children could reach 100 books in record time. And I still have saved many of the mobiles and certificates that my now grown children might have discarded as reminders of the many wonderful experiences I shared with my kids.

 Today I visited the library to meet with you. When I entered the children’s room, I revisited my happy experiences—now watching new generations of young children reading, using iPads, playing and enjoying the joyful ambiance, surrounded by a world of wonderful books.

 In appreciation for all Maplewood Library has done for our family and for the children in our community, my husband and I are contributing a treehouse play set with furniture and posable figures to the children’s room. We hope it will add lots of opportunity for imaginative and cooperative play for the children who frequent the library today and in the future…

 Thank you and the library staff for all you do to enrich the lives of our children and all of us who live in this wonderful community.


Treasure Cohen with Rich Cohen

The Maplewood Library is lucky to have a community that is supportive of families and libraries. Thank you to the many Maplewoodians who have been so generous with your time and donations. It really makes a difference in people’s lives.

With gratitude,

Jane and Amalia
Maplewood Library Children’s Room