Ideas Festival: NJ Makers Day

NJ Makers Day

Create Space at Hilton Branch – Saturday, March 19 10 am – 1 pm.  NJ Maker’s Day  will offer opportunities for participants to explore digital and hands-on learning experiences.  Projects include:

  • Cardboard Construction – Have fun in the construction zone with MakeDo tools and cardboard
  • Marble Roller Coaster – Using pipe insulation and masking tape you’ll create the track–maybe with a loop or two–for the marbles!
  • Building Blocks – First build blocks out of business cards and then build a fractal (figure with repeating patterns) out of the blocks
  • Paper Weight Challenge – Build a structure with only a single piece of paper, scissors and tape that will hold up six books!
  • 3D CAD mini workshop – Customize a model using Rhino 3D to be printed on our 3D printer
  • Sound Off at the Create Space – Check out our new recording studio. Record your impressions of NJ Makers Day!  
  • Play-dough Engineering – Build structures with play-dough, straws and strawbees
  • Circuitry Test Kitchen – Build simple circuits using Snap Circuits, Lite Up and LittleBits kits.  Make your own light up bookmark!

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