Inter-Library Loans

Maplewood Library is now a member of BCCLS, the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, a consortium of 75 public libraries in northern New Jersey with a shared catalog.  You may place requests for any of the more than 5 million items available within the system.

If  the item you wish to borrow cannot be found within the BCCLS system, we can attempt to borrow it through Inter-Library Loan.  Items published within the last six months cannot be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan.  If your request is for a new item, you may wish to request that we purchase it.

Inter-Library Loans may be requested at the library service desks, or online through the New Jersey State Library’s JerseyCat Inter-Library Loan System. You may request up to five Inter-Library Loans per week.

Click here to request an Inter-Library Loan through JerseyCat

Note: You may also request photocopies of magazine articles.  The library owning the magazine may charge for making the copies.  By requesting a photocopy through Inter-Library Loan, you are agreeing to pay a copying fee up to $10.00 should there be such a charge. For more information please call Maplewood Library’s Inter-Library Loan department at 973-762-1622 x5022.