Journey to the Ancient Middle Kingdom

Chinese Culture

Hilton BranchThursday, Jan. 28 6:30-7:30 pmAn Introduction to Traditional Chinese Culture. Every legend has its history. Every story has its truths. And the best are rarely forgotten. For the past 5,000 years, China amassed a diverse legacy of heroes, myths, and values that still resonate in the present.

The workshop takes you on an inspiring audio-visual journey.

  • Capture the spirit of traditional Chinese culture and its beliefs behind the dance, music, martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, and writing systems.
  • Experience the grace and energy of classical Chinese dance – one of the most expressive art forms in the world
  • Feel the joy of the distinctly Chinese sound of ancient instruments with thousands years of history
  • Discover the true China you’ve never known

This program is sponsored by Shen Yun Promotions International (SYPI), a non-for-profit organization with a mission to revive the authentic Chinese culture.