July Art Exhibit


Our July exhibit is the work of Mary Jean Canziani, painted on vintage book covers.  The work can be viewed at Main Library during library hours. In her artist statement, Mary Jean says:

“With technology, a new way of life has emerged at an astonishing speed. I use books to symbolize the change occurring in the world today. While many remarkable improvements are taking place, I question if we are plowing full speed ahead without considering what is at risk of being lost. To many people, books are sacred and evoke a warm, nostalgic feeling. They are a reminder of things past. Contemplating their possible loss may provide an opportunity for a discussion about other valued things in danger of disappearing.

 Regarding technique, I prefer using vintage books because their linen covers mimic fine canvas and provide an ideal painting surface. In most cases, my ideas are driven by the books’ titles. They provide an opportunity to comment on many social topics with a tinge of irony. I am inspired by art in all its forms and by the wit and dark humor of The New Yorker cartoons.”  See more of Mary Jean’s work here. Please note: there will not be a reception this month.