June Art & Music Reception

Stephen Bloom

Main Library – Saturday, June 11 @ 3:00. This month’s artist is Stephen Bloom.  Live music will be provided by the singing/songwriting duo Emily Witkowski and Joe Palmisano,

Stephen Bloom, a New Jersey resident since 1995, works in watercolors, pencil, and charcoal. His themes are often local and depict nearby places that he enjoys with his family, such as Loantaka Reservation, The Great Swamp, and locations around northern New Jersey and New York City. Some work comes from travels in California and Japan, where he has lived in the past. Others take their inspiration from scenes at home, such as sunlight falling in the front hallway.

Stephen’s style ranges from larger broad brush paintings to fine pencil work. A favorite medium is watercolor pencil, which allows the artist to combine a line-drawn style and broader areas of color. Over time, Stephen has moved from mostly black and white monochrome to more intense color. The real basis of his style, however, is the very detailed drawing technique that appears in almost all his work. Each of these scenes represents someplace special to the artist. See his work athttps://www.instagram.com/twopeppers/