Libraries Are for Committment-phobes?

— by Joanne Beckerich

You don’t want to make the wrong choice, do you? Nobody does! You want to leave with the shoes that fit, the hair color that makes you look younger, the couch that will look just right in your living room. You definitely want that life partner to be a keeper. It’s a commitment, after all.

If you’re at a book store, the stakes — and the prices, can be high. Are you sure you’re going to love that book everyone is raving about? Maybe not. Do you need more books crammed into your already overflowing shelves? Probably not. Can you return a book to a book store after you’ve read it just because you didn’t like it? Definitely not.

What if you could remove the concept of commitment from the whole equation? What if you could  choose as many books as you want, try them out, return the ones you don’t like, read the ones you do, and never have to spend a penny on them let alone lift a finger to make room for them in your house?

If that sounds good, you really need to come see us at the library. With that wonderful little library card, you can borrow to your heart’s desire — up to 40 items – really! Need financial advice? Redoing your garden? Curious about a genre you haven’t tried? No problem; come get what you want; we’ll even help you find it. Love a certain author? If we have him, you can take all you want of him. If we don’t, we’ll get him for you. Don’t like something? You don’t have to live with it, and it didn’t cost you a cent (as long it came back on time, of course). How many choices can you make that are so commitment-free?

We love it when patrons leave with an armload of books and an air of anticipation, and we love hearing about your reading adventures. Some people aim to leave with the ‘perfect’ book, but why put yourself under that kind of pressure? If you think a book sounds ok, try it. You might be in for a treat. If it doesn’t strike your fancy, who cares? You can simply move on; no harm done; no regrets. Sorry, though, we can’t help you with unexpected pinched toes, the hair color with the surprise purple tinge, the couch that’s too deep or that cranky spouse!

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