Maplewood Seed Library


Did you know Maplewood Library now has a Seed Library? It’s a community exchange for annual, perennial, vegetable and herb seeds, and is located at Main Library.  Stop by, see how it works and  pick up a Seed Saving handout.  Keep the Seed Library in mind now that seed-saving season is here! 

Here’s how it works:

“Borrowing” Seeds

  • Browse through the drawers to see if there is something you would like:  The seeds are alphabetical by common name within each section.
  • Make your selection.
  • Take an empty envelope and label it for yourself.
  • Take only as many seeds as you will reasonably use.
  • Return the packet to its original place. Return empty packets to the Info Desk.
  • Please limit your selections to three per visit.
  • Maplewood Library cannot guarantee the viability or label accuracy of donated seeds.
  • Please note that seeds collected from hybridized plants may not be true to type.

Donating Seeds

  • If there is already a packet for what you are donating, add your seeds to the envelope
  • If not:

           Take an empty envelope
           Label it with as much information as you have
           File it in the proper drawer, alphabetically by common name

Some helpful sites for info about saving seeds: