Read Around the World: Jamaica


Main Library – Wednesday Dec. 14 @ 7 pm. This month’s title is Fruit of the Lemon by Andrea Levy. Faith Jackson is a British citizen of Jamaican descent working in NYC. Aware of the covert and public racism of her daily life, Faith goes to Jamaica, where her Aunt Coral’s storytelling provides her with ancestors whose lives span countries and centuries. Faith discovers her own vibrant heritage, which is far richer and wilder than she could have imagined. Fruit of the Lemon explores questions of race and identity with humor and freshness.

Explore thought-provoking fiction from around the globe. Our Read Around the World book club meets once a month to discuss titles from foreign locales.  All titles are available from Maplewood Library or through the BCCLS consortium.


Future dates and readings for Read Around the World Book Club:

  • January 11–Colombia–The sound of things falling by Juan Gabriel Vasquez
  • February 8–Saudi Arabia–Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea
  • March 8–Japan–Death by water: a novel by Oe Kenzaburo
  • April 5–Hungary–The door by Elizabeth Szabo
  • May 10–Ethiopia–Cutting for stone by Abraham Verghese
  • June 14–Barbados–The star side of Bird Hill by Naomi Jackson