Readers Place: It’s all about the girls

jell-o girls
Jell-O girls: a family history
  by  Allie Rowbottom. 2018.  929.209 ROW
A gripping examination of the dark side of an iconic American product and a moving portrait of the women who lived in the shadow of its fractured fortune, JELL-O GIRLS is a family history, a feminist history, and a story of motherhood, love and loss. Rowbottom considers the roots of trauma not only in her own family, but in the American psyche as well, ultimately weaving a story that is deeply personal, as well as deeply connected to the collective female experience.    


Fly girlsFly girls : how five daring women defied all odds and made aviation history by Keith O’Brien. 2018. 629.13 OBR
High adventure and high ideals merge when a corps of intrepid female aviators battle to take part in the hugely popular air shows of the 1920s and 1930s. Ultimately, one of our heroines would win a race that earned her the right to be called America’s best pilot.


Dead girls

Dead girls by Graeme Cameron. 2018. FIC CAMERON
Two months after a brutal attack by a serial killer, police detective Alisha Green fights her own failing memory and conflicting accounts from a witness and a surviving victim to hunt down the dangerous man who nearly killed her.



My girlsMy girlsa lifetime with Carrie and Debbie   by Todd Fisher. 2018.  BIOG FISHER                
Fisher’s mom was the multitalented Debbie Reynolds; his sister, actress and author Carrie Fisher (The Princess Diarist, 2016), achieved cult status as Princess Leia in Star Wars. As the avowed caretaker and champion for both his mother and sister from the time he was a child, Fisher was fiercely protective of their lives and legacies. Poignant and joyous, genuine and reverential, Fisher’s tribute to these larger-than-life creative ladies is a down-to-earth portrait of a loving mother and supportive sister.


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