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The joy and mystery of reading is that each of us reads a different book from everyone else.

— Nancy Pearl

How many times have we each read a book and loved it?  Loved it so much that we couldn’t put it down until we finished it, and then couldn’t pick up a new one, lest we ruin the flavor of it? Where every sight, sound or conversation brings to mind a moment from this gem of book, and we are compelled to turn to the person standing closest to us and say, “I just finished the best book…”

But what if the person standing next to us hated this book? Hated the main character? Or the storyline? Or doesn’t even like the author? What I love about Nancy Pearl’s quotation is that she puts a positive spin on the difference of opinion. She reminds us that while the words on the page of a book are all the same from cover to cover, copy to copy, the reading of the book is intensely personal, and a unique experience for each of us.

Welcome to Reader’s Place.  My hope is that the posts here will invite shared and differing opinions on genres, themes, books, blogs and more, all directed toward you: our readers. We have put together lists and links (and lists of links) for your perusal, to provide you with a cyber-library of tools for reading books, reading about books, and to help you find that next great read. Enjoy!

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