Savvy Caregiving for Boomers: Keys to Making a Difference in a Family Caregiving Challenge

Savvy Caregiving
Main Library – Monday, Dec. 17 @ 7 pm. A caregiving crisis can leave your family confused and uncertain where to turn. Be prepared for the tricky emotional, legal, residential, medical and financial issues that arise when caregiving becomes a necessity.
  • Families need to ask:
  • What happens when a parent or spouse needs caregiving?
  • How do you guarantee they get the best care possible?
  • Who will oversee their care, and how will expenses be covered?
  • In this free workshop you will learn:
  • Your number one priority when creating a plan
  • The most overlooked aspect of caregiving planning
  • Best ways to start the discussion in your family
  • Why now is the best time to start the process
  • The critical legal issues that must be addressed quickly
  • What caregivers need in order to help their family as much as possible
  • The key topics covered in a good caregiving plan
  • The key roles professionals play in caregiving challenges

Presented by Sean Bailey and Amanda Chase of Savvy Caregiving for Boomers