Sesame Street Comes to the Maplewood Library

A new animated film, “The Library Song,” was released October 14 on the Sesame Studios YouTube channel.  Created by Maplewood residents Justin Simonich and Tom Placke, it was filmed at Maplewood Library’s own Children’s Room.  Take a look!

The Maplewood filmmakers wanted to create a new video series for Sesame Studios called “What’s New Today?”   Being local parents who use their local library, they wanted the first video to be about going to the library.  They even had the Maplewood Library in mind when they were envisioning it.  After obtaining permission to film from the Township, they planned each scene, wrote an original song, had it performed professionally, and created some characters to animate in the video.  They filmed it in the Children’s Room early one morning in August, before any patrons had arrived.   Maplewood families will enjoy this kids-eye view of their local library.