Summer Book Reviews

Kids rate their summer reads.  What’s your opinion?


 Miss Peregrine's home2Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Author: Ransom Riggs

4.5 stars

This book deserves 4 ½ stars because although it is not a children’s book, it is an adventurous tale. Follow Jacob on a journey so big it’ll knock your socks off!       Skyler, Age 11







 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Author: Stephen Chbosky

5 stars

This book was very relatable. It gave good advice about coming of age and troubled people. The author offered many insights to life and what to expect. Also, he described how everyone thinks differently.   Philicia, Age 12






That Summer2

 That Summer

Author: Sarah Dessen

3 stars

This book is interesting and filled with a lot of excitement. The book is well organized and contains a lot of detail. I can picture the setting, plot and characters in my head. The author makes the characters really exciting. For example, I noticed that each character has a secret. These are the elements in the book I like and admire.  Cynthia, Age 13




Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

4 stars

“Speak” depicts what it is like to be a very shy teen first going into high school, which I feel I can easily relate to. The ending, to me, was the best part. It really showed the importance of your voice and speaking out when something is wrong.    Alicia, Age 16





Looking for Alaska2Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green

5 stars

John Green did an amazing job developing the personalities of the characters in this book. When you read it, you feel like you personally know all of the characters. He really tells you what it can be like to try and fit into a new place as a teenager. When Miles, or “Pudge” as his freinds call him, first gets to his sleepaway camp, he feels uncomfortable as he tries to fit in. It was very relatable to other teens that begin new and exciting experiences.   Julia, Age 12



Super Schnoz2Super Schnoz
Author: Gary Ureg

4 stars

I think the book deserves 4 stars because book that helps you understand that even if you’re different, you are special in your own way. Maybe even a superhero type of way.   John, Age 12






Touched by fire2Touched by Fire
Author: Irene Watts

5 stars

The author described the Markov family as a strong and caring pack. Every turn and twist they encountered they solved together. Miriam, the older sister, helped the family by sewing and cooking. Yuri, the younger brother, with his grandfather. I really enjoyed how everyone worked very hard to get tickets to America. They wanted to live in a good place.   Lillian, Age 11