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The Bridge to Never Land by Dave Barry & Ridley Pierson

If you like heart-pounding adventure and excitement, this book is for you.  It is part of the Starcatchers series, but you can read it first.  It is about a brother and sister who find a piece of paper in an old desk.  They follow the clues and discover a box of StarStuff, which turns ordinary objects into magical, flying objects.  The kids are attacked by wolves, make cars fly, and everyone is chasing them.  Little by little, the kids realize that events in the Starcatchers books might be true…

– Reviewed by Jane

 Grade 4 and up


Poems I Wrote When No One Was Looking by Alan Katz

Funny poems for older kids.  Here’s my favorite:

 Because You Asked

My sister’s name is Cora.

My mother’s name is Dora.

My grandpa’s Dan.

My grandma’s Ann.

My father is a snorer.

My collie’s name is Truman.

Around the house he’s zoomin’.

He’s ninety pounds.

More than most hounds.

(I think he thinks he’s human.)

And me?  My name is Rosie.

My room is very cozy.

There’s more to share,

but I’ll stop there.

You really are quite nosy.

— reviewed by Jane

 Grade 4 and up.