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Poems I Wrote When No One Was Looking by Alan Katz

Funny poems for older kids.  Here’s my favorite:

 Because You Asked

My sister’s name is Cora.

My mother’s name is Dora.

My grandpa’s Dan.

My grandma’s Ann.

My father is a snorer.

My collie’s name is Truman.

Around the house he’s zoomin’.

He’s ninety pounds.

More than most hounds.

(I think he thinks he’s human.)

And me?  My name is Rosie.

My room is very cozy.

There’s more to share,

but I’ll stop there.

You really are quite nosy.

— reviewed by Jane

 Grade 4 and up.


How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps by Jennifer Huget

Is your room a mess?  Are your parents always telling you to clean it up?  Read this book for 10 funny ideas on how (not) to clean your room, including:

 Step 4:

Open your closet door.

Shove the pile of things you love inside.

Close the door as tight as you can.

Watch out.  It might explode.

For school-aged kids with a sense of humor.