TEDx Comes to the Maplewood Library


Monday, June 8 @ 7:00 pm at Main Library– Sean Mayberry will preview his upcoming TED Talk, Depression in Africa: Why Should We Care?   

Mayberry discusses the depression epidemic in Africa, shows the human toll of this disease and explains why the international community does not prioritize this important public health issue.  Sean also explains that there are new and cost-effective approaches to treating depression in Africa that can begin to turn the tide against this epidemic, and that these approaches may also be effective for use by more affluent societies battling their own depression epidemics, such as the United States.

Nature Magazine recently wrote, “depression is the biggest blight on human society—bar none,” and nowhere is that more clear than in Africa, where approximately 100 million people suffer from this mental illness.  For African women, who are afflicted at twice the rate of men, depression is the number one cause of disability.  Due to the lack of investment in mental health services in Africa, 90% of Africans with depression—including 60 million women—have no access to effective treatment for this debilitating disease.  Depression in Africa is particularly devastating for its sufferer, where extreme poverty and social stigma combine to magnify the harmful effects for the individual.   

 Sean Mayberry is the Founder and Executive Director of StrongMinds, a non-profit that provides access to mental health services for impoverished Africans.  He has twenty years of global management experience in the government, private and non-profit sectors and has lived and worked in the developing world for more than a decade.