The Climate Reality Project: There is No Planet B


Main Library – Thursday July 20 @ 7 pm. This presentation draws on the materials used by Nobel Laureate Al Gore for his Climate Reality summits. The program will offer a global perspective and will offer local opportunities for action.

The presentation will cover:

  • Global Warming. We’ve understood the science behind the greenhouse effect and greenhouse gasses for nearly 200 years. Global warming is real, it’s happening and the effects will have a significant impact on life on our home – planet Earth.
  • Climate and Ecology: How life on earth is being affected by global warming/climate change from heat waves and flooding to refugee crises.
  • Renewable Energy: What’s happening in the US and the world. The leadership challenge.
  • Call to Action: Thinking globally, acting locally – at home, in towns, counties, the state and regionally.

The challenges presented by human-caused global warming/climate change are immense but not insurmountable.  Progress has been made toward a sustainable, more equitable future for people around the world.

There is a great deal of uncertainty involved estimating the impact of climate change. Concerned climate scientists could be wrong. Continuing greenhouse gas emissions might have a smaller impact on the planet than their projections indicate. Or the impact could be much, much worse.

However, there is one certainty. There is no Planet B.

Presenter Ridge Kennedy has been personally trained by former US Vice President Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project to serve as a volunteer Climate Reality Leader. Ridge attended the training program in Denver in March. A distinguished group of academic, scientific, industry and political figures led sessions on climate change and methods for communicating about climate change to general audiences.