We Are Family: a Pride Event

We are family

Main Library – Options and Resources for Becoming a Family
Wednesday, June 11 6:00-9:00 p.m.

The Before…6:00-7:30
Fertility & Surrogacy: St Barnabas Fertility Clinic
Private Adoption: Bill Singer, adoption attorney; Katherine Foley, MSW with  Spence-Chapin Services
Adoption from Foster Care: Tobiah Corbett, recruitment specialist for DYFS

And the After…7:30-9:00
Talk with local parents who have gone through the experience of adoption or who have navigated the world of fertility clinics. Hear about the challenges they’ve faced on their journey to becoming an LGBTQ family, and get heartfelt advice for moving forward.

Warning: what you hear may be life-changing!  This program is co-sponsored by North Jersey PrideNorth Jersey Pride