We’re Branching Out With BCCLS

We're branching out with BCCLS

We are excited to be joining the Bergen County Cooperative Library System, a consortium of public libraries in northern New Jersey. We will be the 75th library in the system. Starting in March, you will be able to use your Maplewood Library card at any of the member libraries, AND you will be able to place requests for any of the more than 5 million items available within the system. Your requests will be delivered to us within a matter of days. And if that’s not enough, you will be able to use your card in person at an additional 80 northern New Jersey libraries through an Open Borrowing program.

Our staff is currently being trained to use the new system and we will be giving you lots more info and details over the next few months. We plan to ‘go live’ in March. The countdown will begin soon!