Your neighbors are reading…

More book reviews from our Summer Reading Club readers:

Dog a NovellaDog: a Novella by Michelle Herman

This book is a reflection that the protagonist, Jill, goes through when she impulsively adopts a dog. Middle-aged, single, currently living in the Midwest working as a professor and poet, Jill has settled into a routine with her life. After she adopts a dog she names Phil, she reflects on her past, changes that she makes after bringing Phil into her life and love.

Slow SexSlow Sex by Nicole Daedone

I have read this book in parts over the years. It is a useful reminder to stay in close intimacy with oneself and one’s partner. Recently I reviewed the section on guidance for men and was touched at how loving the writing was in terms of encouraging men to persevere through women’s conditioned resistance to sexual pleasures.

Mr. MercedesMr. Mercedes by Stephen King

Stephen King has left spooky behind in his last few books. The one goes for the gory inner workings of a misfit mass murderer’s efforts to cause human carnage and the misfit trio who band together like a Scooby crew to hunt him down.

Gifts of ImperfectionThe Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

This was an amazing read during my recent maternity leave. This book helped me to let go of some perfectionist tendencies, dance more, journal and remember “I am enough”! Brene Brown’s TED talk is a must-see too.


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