Building for the Future: Frequently Asked Questions


Questions and Answers about the Request for Proposal (RFP)

  1. What is your anticipated project schedule, including community workshops and completion of the schematic design process?
    The Library Building Committee anticipates this will be a six month process.

  2. Will the selected firm be expected to aid the relocation of the library to its temporary location?

  3. Are there limitations to building on the South side of the brook? What is the library’s arrangement with Memorial Park with regards to building on parkland?
    The expansion of the footprint on the south side of the brook will require addressing regulations of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Green Acres Program.

  4. Is a topographic survey of the site available?
    The attached maps are for reference only and do not constitute a survey. An updated boundary and topographical survey will need to be performed.  Topographic map of Library   Memorial Park GIS map

  5. Is the cost per square foot a blended or construction only number?
    The cost per square footage is a preliminary cost target and is for construction only.

  6. Under submission requirement e) you ask for a “project budget” – please confirm this to mean the conceptual design fee, (or more specifically, items outlined in i.-iv.).  
    Confirmed.  The project budget is the conceptual design fee outlined in section e. i.-iv. on page 11.

  7. Will there be any reviewers of the RFP that haven’t reviewed the RFQ submission? If so, should we include relevant experience as a separate section?
    All reviewers have a copy of the RFQ.  Relevant experience does not need to be included in the RFP.

  8. In reference to level of involvement for consultants at the conceptual design phase, we would not typically include an acoustic consultant. Are there specific issues you are hoping to address?
    Respondents are asked to identify support team members in submission requirement c. vi. on page 11.  There are no specific issues we are hoping to address at this point in the process.

Instructions for Responding to the RFQ:

Time and Place for Submission of Responses: 
Respondents must submit one (1) original and nine (9) copies, including copies of all forms and attachments, to Sarah Lester, Director, Maplewood Memorial Library, 51 Baker Street, Maplewood, NJ  07040, on or before 4:00 p.m. on April 4, 2016.

Pre-Submittal Information Conference and Walk Through:  11am on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at the Maplewood Memorial Library, 51 Baker Street, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

In response to requests by potential RFQ respondents, there will be additional walk throughs of the library at 2 pm on  March 2nd,  3 pm on March 3rd, 11 am on Thursday, March 10th, 4 pm on Thursday, March 17th and 4 pm on Friday, March 18th .  If any other potential RFQ respondent would like to do a walk through the building on one of these dates or another date, please make a request to Sarah Lester, Library Director

Questions and Answers

  1. Will you be posting the contact list from the pre-submittal meeting and walk throughs?
    We will post the list of all firms that submit their qualifications for the RFQ.

  2. Will you post auto-cad drawings of the existing building to inform the informal sketch?
    That level of detail is not required for the initial, informal sketch for the RFQ.

  3. Will you post a survey of the land?
    We will not be posting a survey during the RFQ process.

  4. Is the first level (main floor) of the library above the new designated flood plain?

  5. When will a decision be made regarding the RFQ and RFP?
    We plan to make a decision on the RFQ  this summer and the RFP this fall.

  6. Is the library building considered a historic building in the Township?
    The Library is not included in the historic designation of Maplewood Memorial Park.

  7. Is there a tree ordinance protecting the trees currently on the library site?
    There is a tree ordinance but the Township is exempted. We hope to preserve as a many trees as possible. If necessary, memorial signs can be relocated.

  8. Does the Library currently have RFID technology?

  9. Is the library part of a consortium?
    The Maplewood Library is part of the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS), a consortium of 77 public libraries in northern New Jersey. By county, there are 62 in Bergen, 10 in Essex, 4 in Hudson, and 1 in Passaic.  BCCLS libraries have over 600,000 registered cardholders and circulate over 12,000,000 items annually.

  10. What is the collection size at the Main Library and is the collection expanding?
    There are currently 96,998 items in the collection.  We do not anticipate further growth.

  11. Are we limited in exploring expansion in all directions?
    We are only limited by physical constraints.  Approvals will be necessary for expansion into park areas. Such approvals include but are not limited to local and state historic preservation groups and NJ Green Acres

  12. How many firms have attended the walk throughs and pre-submittal meeting?Will the library remain open during construction?
    Close to 40 firms.

  13. Will the library remain open during construction?
    The RFQ is for the conceptual design only. 

  14. Is the sketch necessary?
    The initial, informal sketch is a requirement of the RFQ.

  15. How do most people get to the Library in Maplewood?
    Maplewood is a walkable town.  Our patrons arrive by foot, by bicycle and by car. 

  16. Do the subcontractors have to be certified and listed in the RFQ?
    The RFQ is for the Architecture firm only.

  17. Have you toured libraries that you love (directed to Sarah Lester)?
    I have more than 20 years of experience as a librarian and have worked in and toured many libraries.

  18. Does the Crooked Brook (behind the library) ever breach?
    The last time the brook breached its banks was in 1999 during Hurricane Floyd.

  19. How much school traffic do you get during the day?
    We have a middle school across the street and two elementary schools in close proximity to the Main Library.  The Library is very busy afterschool.

  20. Do you allow food/coffee in the building?a
    Yes.  We allow drinks and snacks in the library.

  21. Will the collection size grow with the addition?

  22. Who maintains the grounds?
    The Maplewood Garden Club maintains the planters in front of the Library and DPW maintains the grounds surrounding the Library.

  23. How big is the community room on the lower level?
    The community room holds 200 people seated.

  24. What is the Library annual budget?
    The 2015 approved Library Budget was $2,123,399. $2,085,134 was appropriated by the Township and $94,481 raised by the Library through fines, fees and rentals.

  25. What are the wires below the children’s room ceiling?
    The wires are for children to hang their artwork and mobiles created for the summer, Black History Month, etc.  The wires allow kids easy access to their mobiles/art, as they take them down and up again to add more pieces.  With over 800 mobiles hanging each year, the guide letters help each child hang his/her mobile in alphabetical order by last name.

  26. What’s in the children’s room display case and how far in advance is it booked?
    The Children’s Room display case is for children to display their collections, their artwork, or things they are passionate about.  Kids sign up for a 2-week time slot – then they set up the display, and create the captions and signage by themselves.  The display case is usually booked at least 2½ years in advance.

Robert Nealon