Readers Place: Celebrating National Poetry Month


APRIL 2019

April is the month in which we celebrate the words and work of poets. Among our new titles is one by Maplewood poet Sondra Gash.

See        the instinct for painting is the instinct for power

Women don’t

choose work over love

but it’s not the same for men


See        all men are in love with themselves


Like Diego   &   your father


& even an artist

will leave his wife behind


but he can’t             if she runs harder

if she’s both            hunter & sacrifice



Sotelo, Analicia. "My mother as the voice of Kahlo." Virgin, 2019.



…It takes a romantic to leave a city: I understand this now. Those cardboard boxes, how they opened faithfully for you, little brown hearts, how they carried everything you would ask of them.

Twenty-ninth Year

Twenty-ninth Year

Alyan, Hala. “The Socratic method.” The twenty-ninth year,   2018.



as a toddler my brother learns to answer a bricklayer uncle:


            “what ladies like”                   “suga suga”

            “what mens like”                    “hugs”


-        a smeared sweet on his cheek in the parenthesis of a grin



Reed, Justin  Phillip. “The Leak in This Old Building.” Indecency, 2018.



My father keeps blooming

like the tulips saluting in the grass.

One of a dying breed: leftists, militant yet benign,

still high on making this a better world.


This is America. A sweep of his hand-

And it’s better than a picture show.

Suit and dress

Suit and dress

Gash, Sondra. “On a Bench in Union Square in April.” Suit and Dress, 2019.



When I was brave, I pushed my feet into the pedals

And these pushed me into the world I wanted to be in.

I was high and above all the other birds.

The birds flew in harlequins around me.

Loves You

Loves You

Sarah Gambito, Sarah. “Ancestor.” Loves You, 2019.


Compiled by Ina Rimpau

Robert Nealon